I believe quiet does not mean without something to say. Being an introvert is amazing. We listen, we think about different perspectives, and although we gain energy by being alone we can succeed around others. When introverts speak passion is heard and I believe any introvert can flex into an extroverted style. – Eric, author of The Introvert Ninja

About The Book

The Introvert Ninja is a story of a young boy that is frustrated because he has a hard time making friends and connecting to others. He feels less than. It is a story I lived through as a child and one I know many children live through. Now as a parent of an introvert I know all I want is to support my kids and show them just how great they are, individually. The story of the Introvert Ninja will equip parents with new perspectives and tools to help guide their children to utilize their strengths to achieve any goal.

Downloadable Worksheets

The worksheets are designed for parents to print out and complete with their children. These templates help build on lessons from The Introvert Ninja by constructively exploring what a child likes about themselves, what brings them energy, and what they would like to do better.


TOTAL GAME CHANGER!, not just for my son, but for my class. I used the strengths exercise with my kids as a way to help them see how awesome they are, and how to leverage those strengths. They loved the story. It helped bring my son and I together. I was so frustrated because I did not know how to help him. THANK YOU!
This book changed my relationship with my son. I’m an extrovert and I could not understand why my son was having such a hard time making friends. The tools gave me perspective and a new understanding for my son. Thank you.
AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! This booked relieved my daughter’s frustration. These exercises helped her see being an introvert is amazing and she has strengths that can help her in whatever she accomplishes.
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About The Author

Eric is a strong introvert, husband, father, and business psychologist (I/O Psychologist). As a child Eric struggled to make friends or connect with others. As he entered into the business world Eric let his work ethic speak for him, but once the organization and goals required more Eric needed to do the uncomfortable by actively working to flex into an extroverted style.

Through trial and error Eric developed and applied the model utilized in this book, resulting in great success at home and in the office. In addition, Eric has coached hundreds of individuals from multiple ages and demographics using the same model, helping each one achieve their success. Eric looks to spread a message that introverts can do and become what they dream of, they only need to tap into their unique strengths.

About The Illustrators

Jonathan, is an introvert like his dad. Jonathan has aspirations of becoming an electrical engineer, a comic book author, and illustrator. Jonathan is the spitting image of his dad , but is lightyears ahead of where his dad was at his age, mainly due to this model. Jonathan loves to think and create alone, but is becoming accustomed to getting uncomfortable in order to grow. Jonathan enjoys drawing, pottery, and creating anything with his hands. Some of Jonathan’s original illustrations could be found in the book.
Carlos, is an extrovert like his mom. Carlos is very active in pursuing his dream in graphic design and animation. Carlos jumped at the opportunity to work on this book, as he has also jumped at the opportunity to work on side projects for the community. He actively learns new methods and enjoys learning from other experts. Carlos is actively planning for college and looking to find that central focus he loves in the graphic design field, until then he enjoys learning and working on his original designs, some of which are hidden throughout the book.

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